S02:E13 – Three Secrets and a Sack of Shoelaces

The party makes their way to the end of the Path of Lost Dreams, but when they return to Heart City, things escalate quickly as they are confronted by past misdeeds.

Keith McBlane DMs.

Glen Tickle plays Grouse, the mouse rogue.

Jacob Haller plays Skullbutt, the feline bard.

Tara Dunderdale plays Audreyn Thwaite, the goat monk.

Troy Carvale is moving or whatever.

Also, the D&D sourcebook that Keith wrote, Fursona 5E, is out now at rpgnow.com, in both digital and softcover formats. You can buy it at this link: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/191077/Fursona-5E