S03:E02 – Into The Whirlwind (Part 2)

I am six weeks late editing and publishing this episode, because I am a less functional human being than I often pretend to be. Sorry! Anyway, everything continues to get progressively more wild and explosive, as the Merry Slider continues its journey.

Keith McBlane plays Pin, the DM.

Jacob Haller plays Norah Stoller, the human ranger.

Zachary FistCake plays the Charles Barkley, the canine monk.

Lauren Monaco plays Lollyhops Gobblespot, the frog warlock.

Thomas Account plays Fox, the human wizard.

Also, the D&D sourcebook that Keith wrote, Fursona 5E, is out now at rpgnow.com, in both digital and softcover formats. You can buy it at this link: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/191077/Fursona-5E