Ryftbreak – Campaign Info


You’ve got the whole shebang, pretty much. You’ve got your elves, dwarves, dragonborn, gnomes; but then you’ve also got all the anthros you could ever ask for, including dinosaur and half-anthros. It is a truly inelegant and over-saturated approach to worldbuilding, but fuck streamlining. We’re going all-in. Each kingdom has a fairly diverse population, with a number of prominent races existing in relative harmony. Certain races tend to dominate smaller communities outside of major cities, but in metropolitan areas, the populations are more mixed. If a race is not specifically listed as being common in a particular kingdom, assume that race exists in scattered communities across the continent, and as individuals living in diverse urban settings.

  • Aasimar (Volo’s Guide)
  • Amphibian Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Aquatic Mammal Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Arachnid Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Bat Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Bear Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Bird Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Bugbears (Volo’s Guide)
  • Canine Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Deep Gnomes (EE Player’s Companion)
  • Dinosaur Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Dragonborn (PHB)
  • Dwarves (PHB)
  • Elves (PHB)
  • Feline Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Firbolg (Volo’s Guide)
  • Fish Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Genasi (EE Player’s Companion)
  • Giant Mammal Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Gnomes (PHB)
  • Goblins (Volo’s Guide)
  • Goliaths (Volo’s Guide)
  • Half-Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Half-Elves (PHB)
  • Half-Orcs (PHB)
  • Halflings (PHB)
  • Hobgoblins (Volo’s Guide)
  • Humans (PHB)
  • Insect Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Kobolds (Volo’s Guide)
  • Orcs (Volo’s Guide)
  • Primate & Sloth Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Reptile Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Rodent & Burrowing Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Sea Invertebrate Anthros (Fursona 5E)
  • Tieflings (PHB)
  • Ungulate Anthros (Fursona 5E)


Y’all like explosions? I bet you like explosions. Gunpowder it the hot new craze in Ryftbreak, and you can bet your butt that there are barrels and barrels of it surrounded by dry, flammable materials in most plot-relevant locations. Muzzle-loading firearms and cannons are common, along with clay pot grenades and rudimentary rockets. Steam-powered technology exists, but has found little use outside of industrial and transportation applications, so calm down steampunk nerds. Put your top hats and goggles away. This isn’t your time.


Ryftberak is largely temperate, with the northern regions being closer to the equator, and southern closer to the pole. Predictably, average temperatures decline as one moves southward, although the highest peaks in Grors-Tka are snowy all year round due to the altitude.