A Chapelain… with a dark past? She was once an adventurer, but now preaches at the Heart City Chapel.


A tough human man, who grew up on the rough streets of Synest. He can usually be found running various scams of one sort or another all over town.


This fox isn’t too fond of his name. Seriously, it’s pretty bad. He wants to become a blacksmith so that he will have some manly accomplishments to distract from his moniker, but Hammerstrong won’t let him at the forge. The dwarf claims that he’ll “singe all his fur off” if he tries. Still, Bubbles is determined to prove himself, or at least get an okay nickname. Really though, ‘Bubbles’?


An elf sculptor. She could never meet the high standards she set for herself, and could never make anything as beautiful as her idol’s work, so she gave up on coherency. Currently, her art is more ‘modern’ and ‘abstract’. She presents unsculpted blocks of stone, and incongruent items, such as unaltered furniture and sections of stone wall as legitimate work. She is not very successful. She complains that she is too ahead of her time, but really, she has just stopped putting in the effort. 


This skunk-woman runs a stall in the Town Square, selling fresh fruit and flowers. She surrounds herself with sweet smells, for obvious reasons. She is very self conscious about being too off-putting with her smell, appearance, behavior, and general presence. 

Drama Horse

Drama Horse certainly lives up to her name. First off, she’s an anthropomorphic horse, so we’ve got that covered. Second, she is the theatre director at the Atrium, and a notorious gossip. She will spill the juicy details about the relationships in Heart City with fiendish glee, even if the ‘facts’ turn out to be nothing more than rumor. 


A mermaid dwelling in a lake near the outskirts of Heart City. She is very unsatisfied with her life in such a small body of water, and will cling to anyone willing to escort her around in a wheeled bathtub or whatever. However, her grating personality and selfish behavior often drive others away. As an aside, Erka likes to refer to her sister as ‘a dry blanket’, because that’s the funniest thing ever.


A red dragonborn, and the ‘brother’ of the chimera siblings. He is a skilled seamster, and produces the bulk of the off-the shelf products at Chimera Wares. He is also the most salesmanlike of the three, and will often push the pricier, high-end clothes.


A goat woman, and one of the three chimera siblings. They are not actually brother and sisters, but they are close friends, and the three own and operate a clothing shop called Chimera Wares. Gella is the most skilled tailor of the three, and is often called on for custom clothing and alterations


A friendly dog, who often frequents the Stone’s Throw tavern. He is not an adventurer himself, but he loves to meet new people and hear their stories. And adventurers are often full of stories. He is highly extroverted, and prefers to spend time in populated areas. 


A server at STAEK. Very loud and direct.


A dwarf who is also a blacksmith? It’s a cliche, and Hammerstrong knows it. Nonetheless, he is good at what he does, even if it makes him self-conscious. 


This pig man is the owner of Hog Wild, a jewelry store/pawn shop in Synest. His life is a constant sales pitch, and he swears up and down that he has the best deals on anything you want. 

Lady Chuff

This pug woman is a mess of contradictions. She is small, but overwhelmingly powerful, but has terrible endurance, and gets winded after taking only a single swing of her hammer. She is one of the better-known enforcers in Synest, and regularly provides backup for Ms Squirrel on the tougher gigs. Despite her formidable combat prowess, Lady Chuff is extremely formal and polite, and usually prefers to talk things out with her targets instead of going straight to smashing. If someone has wronged you, and you hire Lady Chuff to get back at them, she is as likely to coax them into a sincere and formal apology as she is to break their legs.


One of the many kobolds in the starting cavern. She is incredibly suspicious of adventurers, as all kobolds are, and it will take an excessive level of patience and non-threatening kindness to gain her reluctant trust. If she does open up, she will reveal a crafty and competent personality, with a strong focus on practical matters, and no patience whatsoever for aggressiveness.


Maxine is the bartender at the Stone’s Throw. This bear woman is more solemn and silent than one would expect from a bartender. She prefers to let the bar patrons talk among themselves. 


This kitty has the least interesting job in all of heart city. And boy, does she know it. She mostly just sleeps all day. She is also a fan of music. 


This red-scaled kobold sorceress is a freelance enforcer, who regularly works with Ms Squirrel on bigger jobs. Despite her capacity for powerful fire magic, Min is cautious and reserved, and only unleashes her most destructive spells when there is no chance for collateral damage. She is well mannered, but can become agitated and impatient if she doesn’t get her way.

Miss Squirrel

Ms. Squirrel is a freelance enforcer, and one of the most notorious out there. If you bail out on a loan, if you’re caught cheating at the casino, or if you simply cross the wrong person in Synest, Ms. Squirrel might just pay you a visit. This buck-toothed badass will rough you up using all her roguish agility and fighting skills. Other than that, she likes flowers, knitting, and walks in the park. She is demure, soft-spoken, and pleasant, but seriously, don’t get on her bad side.

Mister Blades

Dude likes his knives. The sole proprietor of a cutlery shop in Heart City. Probably a well-adjusted adult. 


That’s right. It’s Nightwhisper. The veteran of an epic war in his home dimension, this cat has traveled a long and inexplicable journey to be where he is today. His swift fists bring justice to any who would do wrong in the Heart City. And crime rates are at an all-time low. He is a master of Housecat Style kung-fu, and even the most fearsome monsters would think twice before getting on the wrong side of the law. I’m going to be perfectly honest here. Nightwhisper’s not smart. Like, really not smart. He is very observant, and has unparalleled instincts in a fight, But he often misses out on the broad strokes of a conversation, and has very little attention span to speak of. His grasp of numbers and logic are childlike at best. Nightwhisper is the first to greet all newcomers to the city, and he is quick to point out the no-violence policy. 


A gnome woman who runs the adventuring supply store Lair It On. She is a big fan of adventures, and adventuring lore, and famous adventurers, but she doesn’t have much stomach for going on adventures herself. Or leaving her store, for that matter. She wears a leather helmet and goggles at all time, and carries a number of daggers on her body in hidden sheaths. And she ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS brings rope.


This silver dragon makes her lair in a temple atop the heart itself. She is stern and authoritative, and also a goddamn dragon. She is solitary and vain, as most dragons are, and does not like to be disturbed for any reason. It is not clear what the boundaries of her mayoral authority are, but no one seems eager to question them. Despite this, Reshtha is a fair ruler, and an exceptional judge of character. 


Rufus is a street smart rat, who knows Synest better than almost anyone. Where the best food is, where the best parties are, and how to sneak into said parties without getting caught. Best of all, he know where to avoid. The streets where you’ll get your pocket picked, the hangouts patrolled by goons, and the gang territories where dance-fights are likely to break out. He uses this knowledge for good less often than not, picking pockets and pulling scams on the unsuspecting.


Shale is the local librarian. She looks like a human woman, except for her tail, and the large pair of red bat wings sprouting from her back. Not much else is known about her.


Deputy Stevvik is the brains behind Nightwhisper’s law enforcement. This beholder has an eye out for crime, and their ability to scry and divine truth makes them an effective agent of law. They are less than personable, and are slow to trust outsiders. 


The third chimera sibling. This lioness is a shrewd negotiator, with a keen eye for quality. She handles all the raw material purchases for her shop, and spends less time doing any tailoring or selling, but when she does attend to a customer, she guarantees that they get exactly what they are looking for. A true professional, and an extremely competent businesswoman.