Synest is a town in the left arm of the Goddess. It was built over a long time, with no particular plan in mind, so the streets are winding and complex. Intersections cross at odd angles, alleys and side roads terminate at perplexing dead ends, and buildings are placed with no regard to to the flow of foot traffic. While Heart City has Mayor Reshtha to run the show, and Dexton has its guilds to manage things, and a town watch to keep the peace, Synest is a little more, shall we say, self-governed. Which is to say, keep an eye on your coinpurse when you’re walking out in the open. There is no formal law enforcement to keep crime under control, but if you cause any trouble, you’ll likely make someone mad enough to hire a few goons to rough you up. Synest does have its appeals, however. The lack of regulation, and overall more liberal attitude fosters the growth of music, good food, and entertainment of all kinds abound in Synest. It features locations like dance clubs, grungy performance venues, bath houses, and gambling dens. For the best parties and nightlife in the Repose, Synest is the only place to be. 


Sunny Deals (Definitely Nothing Suspicious Going On Here)

Ribbons and Things (Dance Specialty Store)

Hog Wild (Jewelry Store)

Drinking and Dining:

Adequate Goods (Bakery)

Food-on-a-Stick (Innovative New Dining Experience)

Evening Dew Tavern (Food and Drink)


Lucky Peaches’ Gambling Hole (Casino)

Dance Prison (Dance Club)

Hot Water (Bath House)

The Underfoot (Performance Venue) 

Hog Wild

Hog wild is a discount jewelry store, which also buys and sells miscellaneous items in the style of a pawn shop. Recently, there have been a series of robberies, in which only a few small, seemingly worthless trinkets were taken. Nonetheless, Higgins, the owner, has hired Ms. Squirrel to keep an eye on the shop, and deter any suspicious activity.